Pietro – Hairdresser

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT, AND THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE IT IS BY DOING WHAT YOU LIKE! How to know that you are doing well to customers? Seeing my client with a beaming smile, satisfied with the results – this is my biggest satisfaction.


I am very happy to introduce my team member – hairdresser Pietro. When we met for the first time, I straight saw his passion about hairstyling and about doing everything excellent, with best possible results, and that’s exactly what I was looking for my team.

Check his words about introducing himself:
“I am Pietro, and I am a hairstylist. I started working in this whole great world of beauty, which is all about hair. I feel that when you do what you like, you do it best and you continue improving day by day.

Since I started working in hairdressing salon, it has become my second home.

I am the second generation of hairdressers in my family, my mother has devoted to it since she was 15, in my hometown La Paz, Bolivia. My relocation to Barcelona helped me to investigate it more deeply and to understand this world with all its nuances and quirks.

Large concerns and motivation have been those that have moved me to become a hairstylist, and are the best engine for everything that I have been set and of course pushing me to never stop growing in this changing and grandiose world of fashion and personal image in all its aspects.

Hairstyling is an infinitely large world to embrace everything, to know everything, but I know it is the right time and the right place for me to do it all. If I could travel back in time, surely, I would have decided to do the same, without any doubt.”

Please, get in touch using the Contact link above and let Pietro know your hairstyling requirements or to book an appointment.


Hairstyling price is very much dependent on the style you need. Please, get in touch using the Contact link above with your requirements, so that we can provide a quotation.





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