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I ’m Nikoleta, a professional mobile wedding makeup artist experienced in bridal, special occasion, and editorial makeup, from Barcelona, Spain.

From early on in my life, I was fascinated by fashion and beauty, which led me to the modelling world. I was happy to work in front of the camera and as a catwalk model, and I also participated in beauty contests. Now I continue my beauty mission as a makeup artist, making each of my clients look beautiful and helping each one of them reveal all of their inner charm.

I began working as a makeup artist in one of the major fashion cities of the word: London. During my five years there, I learned how to make people look their best through courses, seminars, and international makeup shows. From the start of my makeup artist career, I have worked with and been trusted by many international clients such as TV3 Viasat, Marks & Spencer, Porsche, Buff, Adidas, Asics, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Geox, PayPal, Hawkers, Nu Skin USA, Jump Start Productions, SAP TECHED, Mobile World Congress and many more.

I have worked with famous celebrity photographers and gained a lot of experience in applying makeup that looks amazing in pictures. My husband, Dainius, is a photographer as well and we do a lot of joint projects so that we can support each other in different set-ups. We are both passionate about what we do and literally immerse ourselves in creating amazing pictures of people.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I sensed its vibrancy, colour, and variety almost from the first day. People who live in such a vibrant city in such a rich region of Catalonia cannot be lost in its grey.

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