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How do you spend your hot summer days? Some of you already on vacations and enjoying sea and sand and some waiting for it? Or you prefer colder winter holidays?

maroccanoil-repair-shampoo-conditioner Today I would like to share my recent purchase, it is not new product, but i was so excited with results. This is  Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. I have heard first time about this company products long  time ago, that they produce products which are indispensable. Some time ago i tried hair oil, which is one of my  favorites in this kind of products till now. Now i decided to buy and try shampoo along with conditioner. My hair is  long, dry and curly, so every time after washing them i have difficulty to brush them even with oil. Especially on hot  summer days my hair become so dehydrated and unkempt, that even my favorite hydrating hair masks did not helped  anymore. So i decided to go with Moroccan oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, even it was looking a little  be overpriced. And what do you think i got after first wash?

I did not believed in results i saw, first time i used only shampoo and conditioner, without any oil even, and i brushed  my hair so easy like giving best oils and masks on it. Hair smell very nice, keeping them fresh even 3 days later.

So now i can strongly say what if at first look it seemed overpriced, it saved on expensive masks, serums and you really  will get very good result on same price. For the nearest future i am sure that this shampoo along with conditioner will  by staying in my bathroom, and will save a lot of time and nerves to get everything in place with my hairs.

It is possible to get different sizes starting from 250 ml to 1000 ml, so even smallest 250 ml bottle is not cheap ~23 Eur  for shampoo and almost same for conditioner, it is definitely worth to try if you want to have healthy and sparkling hair, so every passer-by will turn their head to look at you.

So let your hair wave in breeze like the sea waves.


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