Feria Cosmobelleza 2015 @ Fira Barcelona

Welcome to all who are joyfully awaiting real spring!

It blooms everything around even smells like spring got full speed, falling petals heralds about upcoming heat and even summer is around the corner! Here in Barcelona we’re preparing to be nice! Today I participated in Cosmobelezza 2015 Barcelona organized by Vida Estetica beauty magazine. In principle the event should be similar to IMATS, which unfortunately only take place in Europe only in London (By the way this weekend IMATS New York is going). But I am happy that something like that is organized here in Barcelona. The event was organized well enough, here can be found hair, nails, makeup and beauty salon companies.All introducing their products. You can chat with their owners to try newest goods from them. Also there are lot of workshops, masterclasses and of course competitions. Yesterday I watched one of them. It was the international body painting contest, the theme of Las Vegas. It was superb competition, all contestant had spend not one hour to introduce all creativity they putted on the models! Final results were really fantastic! You can keep an eye on a few of my pictures from contest! I know that this event is quite “young”, and it has really much more potential to grow. I think taking the part at a such a location as Barcelona, ​​capital of art, will be not hard to invite biggest players in beauty industry to participate in the future. Prominent names as Kryolan, Makeup Forever, Mac Cosmetics, which for sure can broaden popularity in Barcelona and all the Catalonia. I missed some hair and beauty schools like Cazcarra and similar well know beauty schools, who can present their products and training programs for students. After all to such events goes not only professionals, there  comes a lot of young people who are trying to connect their future to the world of beauty. So it can be a good advertising and possibility to attract new talents! Also the teachers of the schools could do their own masterclasses by proving the quality of their work, and by sharing their knowledge.

Well, briefly speaking, it’s really nice to have such an event Barcelona, ​​and it has  really a lot of potential  to grow!

So I wish you success Vida Estetica and Cosmobelezza! See you in 2016!

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