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I hope that you spend your summer very well and now enjoying autumnI am very happy with nice weather in Barcelona, as now it is maybe best time for weddings as well for my job. Sunny, autumnal colorful, still warm but no more grueling hot. For brides it is so good, as makeup stays same all day long after I apply it. Within few more weeks all nature will be even more colorful, giving best views for wedding photo shoots. Already starting with lots of trials for 2016 year weddings and I am really happy that brides to-be looking at everything very seriously and wants to prepare everything for the Big Day to all smallest things. 

Lots of girls asking me about my favorites products, so I took today from bag my present loved ones and writing about it. If you will like it, will do it time from time! 

Number one! For help in one photo shoot I got as present Rituals body care kit, and here I found 2 things I felt in loved with! One is Fortune Oil caring shower oil with sweet orange & cedar wood smell. I love shower body oils, as they not only wash your skin but also smells very nice at same giving you very soft and silky texture foam while showeringso it loses less pigment. So you can enjoy even more of your holiday color, as tan stays for longer. Second product from Rituals is Happy Buddha Foaming shower gel. When rubbing between the hands it becomes very, very soft foam and smells amazing like mandarin and yuzu. One of best thing if you are using razor blades to shave. That’s all about the body care. 

Let’s move to hair care. I hope many have heard about Uniq ONE All in one hair treatment By REVLON Professional. I just started second bottle of it. Always applying only on wet hair. Very good solution for girls who do not want to spend a lot for hair care and do not want to overload the bathroom lots of bottles. So there is list of 10 actions this treatment will do: 

1) repairs,  
2) adds shine, 
3) protects the heat of dryers, curling irons, 
4) softens hair,
5) protects the color against the sun, 
6) facilitates brushing and use of iron, 
7) unravels, 
8) keeps the hair longer, 
9) prevents split ends, 
10) gives body and volume.  

As I have dry and wavy hair, from first use I was impressed how easy were to brush them after spraying with treatment I just wrote. Even hair oil was not needed! 

And so time for MAKE UP! 

Makeup base! Present my base is Face and Body by Makeup Forever! Perfectly stays for all day, covering is more than perfect,  not getting into the wrinkles, suitable for all types of skin from oily like mine to even very dry skin. It seems very natural, but also hides imperfections, if you have some place need to hide just use it along with some concealer and you will never need any very serious and heavy base anymoreI do use by myself it for both day and night applications, also for the older clients skin as well for young brides and always it looks great . Makeup Forever, as always, one of the makeup Quens. 

Next one! 

For those who know me, not new that almost every year I going to London, to visit my best friend, teacher and coacher – award winning makeup artist Kristina Gasperas, to learn, improve my techniques and to find the latest makeup trends. Of course after bringing back all this knowledge to Barcelona! Every time I fly back with huge pile of knowledge, as well as large and small findings. Mine last of these was simple sparkle eyeshadow by Bobbi Brown. In London I just felt in love with it! And on return immediately run to the store to purchase. This is pigment free eyeshadow, only gold mica i do apply directly on eyelid or on any color eye shadow. I bought a golden sparkle eye shadow Sunlight No.6. Amazingly looks on the brides, bridesmaids and other guests. Its sparknes is extremely delicate because of glittering particles are very small, so it really will not look nor vulgar nor to childish, as still it is Bobbi Brown. In true all its beauty is revealed more in artificial light not in sunlight, so it especially appropriate in evenings (in autumn and winter they are really very very long), as the sun pampers us quite briefly. 

Now time for mascara! At the moment my mascara is Lash Dominantion Volumazing mascara by Bare Minerals. This is the first product from this company really surprised me and I am happy to have taken it. Finding was really simple, one day I went to Sephora to buy some thing and just asked one consultant here, what is her 3 most beloved products in store. She mentioned this mascara and as mine old mascara was going to end I decided to try something new. As soon as I tried it I realized why she mention it. Non stick, long eyelashes and even after several layers eyelashes not seems being loaded. I heard repeatedly praises about my eyelashes with this mascara from others 🙂 Also price for it is very good!  

Last I will write about today is one thing I never forget to take with myself in my personal makeup kit – Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer by Maybelline. Think this one is most popular present concealers you can buy almost in every drugstore. After reading reviews by few well known makeup artist in the world I was really surprised that even many of them using it! Very light, perfectly covering and never creasing and settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Perfectly covers and hides even darkest circles and puffiness. 

That’s all for today, and let´s see what products I will find and love next time! 


With love Nikoleta! 

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